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Sundance Window Cleaning is proud to serve Charleston, Utah! We combine the latest cleaning technologies with the “Sundance Difference” allowing our customers see Utah’s beautiful seasons through perfectly clean windows. Whether you need window cleaning, screen cleaning or repairs, gutter cleaning or pressure washing — we can take care of it all in one appointment. Our technicians are courteous and considerate taking care of your home while they work. We use only the best equipment to get the best results for your windows. The Sundance team provides unparalleled services as well as customer service at a competitive price with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Window Cleaning — It’s What We Do Best!

Our technicians go over every window surface twice, scrubbing and rinsing simultaneously, providing sparkling, streak-free results. No matter how stubborn grime or stuck-on materials we remove them without causing scratches or marks. Once we are done on both the inside and outside, we will replace your newly cleaned screens. Finally, we inspect all of your windows to ensure all are clean to our standards. We check that everything is put back to ensure your home is left just as we found it. And for peace of mind, we maintain $1,000,000 in liability insurance!

So call us today and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Our Services

Sundance Window Cleaning – Our Services

Window Cleaning

We’re passionate about our window cleaning services! Because our top-notch professional window cleaners are clean cut, courteous, and have had their backgrounds checked. They take care to protect your home during the whole time by wearing shoe covers and use drop clothes when needed. As a result, we leave no trace except perfectly transparent windows.

Screen Cleaning and Repair

You can trust the Sundance Team with your window screen cleaning and repair needs. Our specialized screen cleaning apparatus employs water jets and agitation brushes to simultaneously scrub and rinse your screens to thoroughly flush the dirt from your screens. Then we inspect and evaluate whether they will need repair or replacement. And if they do need repair, we don’t apply patches to your screens. We replace the entire fiberglass mesh complimenting your beautiful windows!

Sundance Window Cleaning – Our Services

Rooftop Snow Removal

Our trained, skilled experts can quickly and safely assist with built up rooftop snow removal therefore preventing any damage or voiding any warranty. We only use safe snow removal tools such as shovels and roof rakes that are gentle on your roof.

Ice Dam Removal

We provide exceptional, high-quality, rooftop snow removal, de-icing and ice dam removal services to ensure your home and property are safe from accidents due to ice build-up and excess snowfall. Unlike many ice dam removal companies, we don’t use sub contractors. Our crew is well trained and ready to help you with any snow and ice problems you have this winter.

Sundance Window Cleaning – Our Services

Gutter Cleaning

The Sundance Team of professionals will inspect, clean and check your gutters and downspouts to ensure that your home will be ready for the coming rainy season. Gutter cleaning is essential to your home or business’s yearly maintenance. Thoroughly cleaning every spring and fall will keep them functioning like they should.

Pressure Washing

We will take care of everything for your home exterior cleaning needs including pressure washing services. Whether you’ve got grime or dirt build-up on your siding or a grass-stained sidewalk, cleaning your property is hassle-free with us. Our experienced staff is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. And because we use the highest quality of commercial grade cleaners the result is we eliminate any mold, mildew, salt, or unsightly marks on your home or office building exteriors.

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Our service area includes Summit and Wasatch counties with convenient headquarters that allow us to easily and quickly service our many customers.

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