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Veyo Window Cleaning

Sundance Window Cleaning is proud to serve the city of Veyo, Utah! We combine the latest window cleaning technologies with the “Sundance Difference” so that our customers will see Utah’s beautiful seasons through perfectly clean windows. And we go over every window surface twice — scrubbing and rinsing simultaneously with a uniquely designed cleaning apparatus. We use only the finest tools and cutting edge technology. Our window cleaning professionals are courteous and will leave your windows sparkling. Trust Sundance Window Cleaning with your window cleaning needs and we promise you won’t be disappointed! We provide unparalleled customer service at a competitive price.

Pure-Water Window Cleaning

Safe, respectful work and sparkling windows — those are our promises to our customers. To deliver them, we employ pure-water technology systems, including:

  • Simultaneous scrub and rinse cleaning tools that eliminate sticky soap residue and protect your screens from residual dirt and dust.
  • A professional-grade, non-detergent cleaning solution that filters streak-causing minerals from tap water.
  • Water-fed wash poles that let us clean up high without using ladders. This protects the exterior of your home and keeps our washers safe.

Courteous and Safe

Sundance Window Cleaning takes steps to make sure our service reflects our high standards. Our cleaners wear booties when working in your home. They wash with a streakless, no-drip technique to protect your furniture and floors. And for peace of mind, we maintain $1,000,000 in liability insurance!

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Our service area includes Summit, Wasatch, Utah and Washington counties with convenient headquarters that allow us to easily and quickly service our many customers.
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