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Yes. While many window cleaners in Utah are operating without adhering to these standards, we value your property and the safety of our Technicians.

Yes. Cleaning glass is our speciality and no one does it better.

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend it! We’ve found that windows stay clean longer during the winter while sprinklers (full of Utah’s hard water minerals) are turned off and the ground is frozen, leaving dust dormant.

Yes. We use razors and scrapers when necessary to remove plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, and other debris from windows. These tools, when used properly, remove debris from quality glass without scratching the surface. That being said, we don’t use razor blades on tempered/heat treated glass. (See tempered glass)

Yes. We respect your home and possessions. We always wear shoe covers and use our no-drip technique inside your home. We also utilize drop cloths over furniture that is unmovable.

Residential: At a minimum, we recommend cleaning your windows at least two times per year. That being said, cleaning windows each season helps prevent dust and minerals from building up on your windows and causing damage to the glass.

Commercial: Your storefront represents your brand. Let your customers see that you take pride in what you do by making their first impression clean and memorable.  Most commercial properties subscribe to our reoccurring bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service.

Yes, you will both get a 10% discount for booking the same day.

Yes. We take pride in being hard water specialists. With our hard water removal technique, we can restore your window to its former glory! Call today for pricing.

Absolutely. Whether you have new windows installed or your child went crazy with their Elmo stickers, let us know that you would like sticker removal on your quote and we’ll take care of it.

We use different methods to remove paint, stickers, or other debris on tempered glass to prevent scratching so it’s helpful for us to know in advance.

Properly manufactured tempered glass will not scratch, however, there is a widespread problem in modern tempered glass windows being produced with microscopic fabricating debris (bits of glass and debris from the rollers used in the manufacturing process that get stuck on the window). These tiny bits of glass debris are easily nicked off by razors, leaving scratch marks behind that are especially visible in sunlight. We never use razor blades on tempered glass.

For interior window cleaning, it is helpful to move furniture and items blocking access to windows. For exterior window cleaning, please make sure trees and shrubs are not touching the surface of the glass.

If there is more than a 40% chance of rain or it is actively raining during the time of your service we will contact you to reschedule for a better time. If you are having interior windows cleaned we will be happy to clean the interior windows and return on another day to clean the exteriors.

Inclement weather, including heavy rain, ice, wind or lighting can be dangerous for our Technicians and while we will do what is in our power to meet your deadline, we leave the decision to reschedule to our technicians.

Screen cleaning is the key to keeping your windows looking sparkling clean even longer. When rain is blown through dirty screens the water catches the dirt and ends up on the clean window. If the screens are clean the pure rain water leaves very few spots behind. Want another way to prevent spots? We also offer window sealant that prevents water spotting.
Rain water is fairly pure and will not make your windows look dirty on its own.  Particles, dirt, and lawn debris in the air settle on your windows leaving a “dust”. When rain and snow hit the particles and dry they leave behind spots on your window.

We offer a five-day weather guarantee to our residential customers. If your windows become dirty due to rainy weather conditions within five days from the time we clean your windows, we will come do a touch up and clean the affected windows again at no charge to you.

No. The steel wool (#0000) and brass wool we use is softer than glass and will not scratch it. Sand, dirt, and concrete particles can scratch glass when trapped on anything dragged across the glass (whether a squeegee, steel wool, or a rag). Therefore we use fresh steel wool, squeegees, and rags on each job. Be advised: while steel wool and brass wool will not scratch glass, other cleaning abrasives like SOS pads will absolutely scratch it.

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