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Dryer Vent Cleaning

A Clean Vent is a Safe Vent

Did you know that the combination of heat and accumulated dryer lint and dust can lead to a fire hazard?* In fact, clogged clothes dryer vents cause thousands of fires per year and millions of dollars in damages in the United States.**

Better Dryer Performance Equals More Energy Savings
Dirty or clogged dryer vents† and ductwork don’t just reduce a dryer’s performance. The average home accumulates pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens in its air ducts and dryer vents each year. Poor performing dryers can take clothes twice as long to dry using twice the energy and leading to appliance stress.

How Often Should I Have My Vents Cleaned?
Sundance Window Cleaning recommends having your dryer vents cleaned twice a year to ensure the proper function of your appliance and to ensure a safe venting system. If you looking for duct cleaning services in Summit or Wasatch counties you’ve come to the right place! So add Vent Cleaning on your next service call and add peace of mind for your home.

*National Fire Protection Agency   **Los Angeles Consumer Product Safety Commission  † We currently only offer services for dryer vents and ducts. 

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