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Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services with a Difference…

Rooftop snow removal is essential when heavy snow can accumulate adding weight that can damage your roof’s structural integrity, possibly resulting in roof damage or even collapse. We also provide snow clearance from walkways, patios, and entryways. Don’t wait for winter’s repetitive snows and thawing cycles to cause leaks or damage to your property.

Rooftop Snow Removal:

Sundance Window Cleaning’s team of trained and skilled experts can quickly and safely remove built-up rooftop snow accumulation without damaging your roof or voiding any warranty. We only use safe snow removal tools such as shovels and roof rakes that are gentle on your roof. We value your business and promise to care about your roof just as much as you do! Snow can be dangerous and require work that roofing professionals should always conduct. Our team is familiar with high-angle safety systems and has developed the comfort level necessary to achieve an efficient snow and ice removal rate in a hazardous working environment. We understand the nature of the roofing materials beneath the snow and ice and are conscientious about maintaining the integrity of the roof system. Contact us today to keep your roof safe and secure.

Comprehensive Snow Removal Services

In addition, we also have professional snow blowers and equipment to take care of the rest of your property quickly and safely. Whether it’s your patios, walkways, decks, or paved areas — we can clear it all in one service call! So you can take it easy while we make your property safe and free from snow accumulation from heavy snowfalls.

*Our service window for snow removal services is offered from 8 am – 5 pm during weekdays.

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