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Clean Windows Deserve Clean Screens!

Window screens really take a beating! They are constantly exposed to Utah’s harsh sun, wind, dust, pollen, bugs, and other outdoor elements. They are an integral part of your windows, allowing you to experience the fresh outdoor air inside of your home. There’s nothing worse than reinstalling filthy screens into freshly cleaned windows. You can trust Sundance Window Cleaning with your window screen cleaning and repair needs.

Advanced Screen Cleaning Process

Screen Removal: We use the latest technology to thoroughly flush the dirt from your screens. Our specialized screen cleaning apparatus employs water jets and agitation brushes to simultaneously scrub and rinse your screens. Other window cleaning companies use a manual applicator and soap that leaves a sticky residue on the screen material. This residue attracts dust and quickly diminishes the appearance your screens and can reduce their longevity. Our method ensures your screen stay cleaner longer!

Screen Mesh Repair or Replacement: Are your window screens looking worse for the wear? Window screens are an important element to the design intent of residential windows. There’s nothing worse than not being able to open your windows for fear of insects coming into your home. Whether your window screens are simply old and brittle or damaged from pets, our professionals can clear and repair you window screens! We don’t apply a patch to your screens. We replace the entire fiberglass mesh! Missing a window screen? No worries! Our skilled techs can replace your entire screen mesh. So let the fresh air into your home with confidence!

Mesh Replacement Process: Proper window screen repair starts with the right tools and materials. First, we remove the old rubber spline using a pair of needle nose pliers. With extremely old window screens, the spline material must be dug out with a specialized pick. Then with the spline removed, the screen material can be removed freely from the frame. We cut a new piece of screen material slightly over-sized to fit your existing frame. Next, with the new screen placed over the frame, we work a new spline into the frame’s groove using a specialized tool. The tension on the screen material needs to be just right. And finally, we trim the excess screen material from the frame. Voila, a clean and attractive screen to compliment your sparkling-clean windows!

*We do not perform frame repairs or replacements.

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